Over the last 10 years years of blogging, I have had the opportunity to work with and promote brands and entities I admire and utilize. Not only do I enjoy writing about great companies and communicating their objectives and products to fellow parents, I am personally committed and passionate about providing sophisticated, professional public relations which includes social media. Please e-mail me at if you would like my assistance on reaching thousands of incredible parents and their children.

Army Tankers Wife Media Kit

ArmyTankersWife is happy to accept forms of sponsors and ads. The Army Tanker’s Wife is a PR friendly blog. I would love the opportunity to review your product and/or host a giveaway. I will review products based on the following key points: functionality, durability and overall how my readers (mainly military) will use this product.
This will help your business gain more customers with getting your products out to the Military and Army communities. In order to perform any review I would need to be provided with your product, I will then use it; then I will in turn give my honest opinion about my experience with your product; I do guarantee that if I am not able to have an upbeat response about your product I will contact you before posting anything publicly.
If you are interested in Army Tanker’s Wife reviewing and/or hosting a giveaway for your product, please email me with the subject Product Review in the subject.

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