Happy Father’s Day


I want to thank my husband, and solider for doing his job in the military and serving his country. We love you! Often times we don’t get to celebrate holidays together as a family so we have to pool holidays together.  I am not sure our children fully understand his oath, but I do remind them that serving our country is really important not only because it’s daddy’s job but we need to keep the US safe.

To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day. Enjoy your day it is a special one! try at times we have to sacrifice things at certain times to save us in the long run. However I can’t wait to be with him, and give him our gifts.

BELOW Are some cool things I think you should check out for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is this weekend, and to help you celebrate, Rdio just released a “Dads Who Rock” playlist with 26 songs from some of the hottest daddies in music!  An eclectic mix of R&B to old school rock and roll, enjoy some of the best hit tracks from old, new, and soon-to-be dads in this original playlist including Kanye West, Kid Rock and Elvis Presley!

This play list is dedicated to the dad’s out there


Yes, it’s another Rube Goldberg machine, but this time it’s done right for Fathers Day. The online education startup Grovo.com recently set out to celebrate Father Day with a fun Rube Goldberg machine highlighting top gifts for dad – From  goofballs and golf clubs to lawn mowers and chess sets.  iPhones and MacBook’s to Cigars and Razors.  Let’s be real, you can never get enough of Rube Goldberg machines.   Grovo is an online education-training platform that helps users better use the internet with bite-sized, personalized training videos. Grovo.com produces 1-minute online videos covering the latest changes to apps and online tools like Facebook, Evernote, and Google Apps. Grovo maps these updates to the services people use. People are notified in real-time to help them use the services.

Father’s Day Video