Happy Mother’s Day 2013

I know being a mom is the best and most rewarding experience. I love it, I remember when I was little making those crafts in school, it was the best. Now I get to get that from my own kids..I get to see them dying with excitement to give me the gift as soon as they get off the bus and half to wait a whole weekend…it kills the
m…anyway Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.. Here’s to you and many more!

Crazy Last Couple of Weeks

So I finished my thesis! YEA I am officially graduating, I didn’t want to put it out there until I knew for sure! So I have gotten a lot of invitations to meet different people at different locations and I AM TOTALLY HAPPY, so my mom got her invitation to the luncheon, and it is really pretty…I am EXCITED almost less than two weeks. So This week has been AWESOME!

Look at how Awesome GOD is, and what he has done for me this week. I got a invitation to the White House to have a Mother’s Day Tea with the First Lady, I got an invitation to meet Senator Hagan in her DC office, I got Easter Egg Roll tickets, I passed my thesis! I got into the milblog finalist! I am so thankful for all this!