Ending a GREAT Year My Top Ten Moments!

Where do I start? Ok so today is the day before New Year’s Eve. This past year has been a WORLD WIND of success, accomplishments and achievements. I am only going to list a few things that have been pretty awesome.

It started off with me winning the 1) 2011 Army Spouse of the Year by Military Spouse Magazine and Armed Forces Insurance. I met Mrs. Obama twice, helped reach more spouses than I could have imagined. Met more National Guard and Reserve spouses that I have imagined I would ever get to meet at the Boots on the Ground. I was selected for Fayetteville’s All-American City competition, (Cat and I went every Tuesday for a month and half) I didn’t get to make it I caught a serious case of food poisoning, and I was tied to my bed for three days. I felt so bad, that I tried to go but by the time I could get an appointment with my doctor on base, it was too late (way to go Womack!) j/k I understand there are hardly any docs around with deployments..but needless to say it took me three days to get an appointment, AND Urgent Care in Sanford will not take tricare unless you have a referral and Joel doesn’t give out referrals to Urgent Care anymore! GO FIGURE!

Volunteered my time on really great projects from educational conferences to an 2) Extreme Home Makeover I met Johnny and Sabrina (I didn’t get to meet Paul or Ty), to the 3) Ricki Lake Show, I got to fly to Hollywood and tour the studios! I even found out what red-eye flights meant! I HAD A LIMO driver pick me up and actually had a sign with my name on it! I met Ricki Lake in person she was really cool, and down to earth and LOOKED amazing! Totally hoping to go back on her show!

I achieved a 4) 501c3 status with my charity Support Our Arthritic Kids! That was hard work, and it took a lot from my team to help me get through this. I am really glad I have great family support. I know dealing with a sick child through the tricare system can really be a challenge, especially if some of the doctor’s nurses/staff do not have great “bedside manner”. Let me tell you the frustration of going to an appointment, 0nly to know that they didn’t tell you that you needed an authorization. Yeah almost lost it on that psycho staff at the eye doctor’s.

This was just the half way mark, I graduated with a 5) Master’s of Public Administration, was able to chair the 6) 8th Congressional District Military Families Caucus, I was very instrumental in helping Congressman Kissell learn about some issues bothering military families from the gov’t shutdown to the closure of some commissaries and PX/BX. Also Congressman Miller has started to listen too! These two guys really know their stuff, I also reached out to Congresswoman Ellmer’s office, (they didn’t call me back), nor did Sen. Burr’s office. However I did hear back from Senator’s Hagan’s office a lot but my main source was the Congressmen. I tried to start the Tri County military Caucus but it was unsuccessful, well I can always start something new whereever I move too!

I also ran the Cumberland County Young Democrats as their President and I helped out the Truman National Security Project this summer! That was WAY COOL, this is where I actually got a taste for DC life! I love this city! This summer I also won the VIV, Maganificent Woman’s Award.

7) My final ultimate achievement was in December I started a job in Washington DC in the federal government as a GS-9! That’s a great way to start (you know my school work paid off) I didn’t even tell anyone here what my title was or role, because I wanted to get it on my own.

8) I met the Sect. of Labor Hilda Solis, and she even reads my BLOG! What an honor for someone like that to read my blog. I made great friends and acquantainces from all the branches of the military, Bianca, Robert, Megan, and Laura!

9) I met three stars from Army Wives (Roland, Pamela and Roxy) at the WHITE HOUSE! I met the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s wife (Jeanie). I got a tour of the pentagon and met the CSM of the Army. 10) I was a panel member at the Partnership for Children’s Military Conference.

I could go on and on… so let me note a few more experiences! I got to write articles for the Military Spouse Magazine in August and December’s Issue! Cat’s semi good news that her arthritis is in medical remission with drug therpy. Cat got to meet more children her age with the same illness at the JRA Conference in Washington DC. I have made even more connections and friendships, which I love. I blog for the US Army check out my latest!

I totally almost forgot our trip to see the 2nd to last space shuttle, trip to FLORIDA! We finally got to go into the White House for the 2011 Easter Egg Roll!

So you see my year was FAR from dull, and what I have realized is that you have to step out on that limb sometimes knowing that you might fall but know that if you do, you might just fall into a great opportunity of a lifetime!

Stay tuned for Next Year’s I just DON’T KNOW HOW I AM GOING TO TOP this year’s success! Any ideas?

Army Families! Army Strong! HOOAH

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About Military Spouse of the Year
The Military Spouse of the Year (MSOY) is the only national merit-based award that recognizes the nation’s current military spouses. In its fifth year, the award has garnered national media attention for the winners, including appearances on NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, CNN and scores of other national, regional and local media outlets.

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Shiseido, you need to know what it is!

My first encounter with Shiseido Cosmetics was in February. I had a makeup artist (Kira) come for my photo shoot by Military Spouse Magazine. The makeup was FLAWLESS! I fell in love instantly. It made my skin look so much YOUNGER. All the products from skin care to lipstick was AWESOME. I have fallen in love with these products. The makeup artist gave me a sample of the products and I tell you it was GREAT. Then in our MSOY Luncheon Swag bags (thanks Military Spouse Magazine) we got more Shiseido products. I was SO THRILLED! I wish I had more opportunities to get made up for photo shoots. I am telling you they sell these products at the PX on base, I am not sure where else but WOW..I suggest if you want to feel and look younger go and try them! The picture in the pink shirt was when I had my first makeover~! Her name was Kira she did a GREAT job with my eyes! The makeup changed me from drab to FAB!

The picture in blue shirt was when I had my interview with ABC Channel 11! She gave me two different looks, I really liked the lipstick in the PINK shirt.

They have age defying products, everything you can imagine they have it. http://www.sca.shiseido.com/