Sleeping in an empty bed

So for 11 years our marriage has not been what I thought it would be as far as sleeping arrangements. For 4 years I have slept in a empty bed not by choice the army deployed my husband. It was hard to get used too at first, now I have found things to make my day busy and I am tired when I hit the bed. I do not have a hard time sleeping.

Now when I don’t have anything to do to keep my busy that’s when it gets hard to sleep. The first two deployments I would sleep in the living room, we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, so everything was on one floor. I used to get paranoid about being alone, however with 3 kids I am never alone. I do have them sleeping with me when my husband is deployed I do worry about not getting to them in time, but that is a fear I am going to have to deal with.

So we’ll see how next deployment goes since I won’t be in grad school, and less activities!