2011 MSOY LUNCHEON my adventure

So as you all know I didn’t win, but Bianca won (Marine Corps Spouse)! Super excited, she is awesome. I am still your ARMY SPOUSE OF THE YEAR 2011, and I have super things planned for this year to help Army Spouses! I am lucky to know a lot of Army Spouses all over the world!

My husband and I still had a good time. This is what we needed to reconnect and just have fun, this was the first time in 11 years than we were out of state from the kids on a vacation together!

We left Tuesday and Rochel (hey girl) took us to the airport! It was a mini vacation. So we boarded this puddle jumper, I have never flown on a small aircraft. I was already super nervous, and it was CLEAR and sunny here. However we had a connection in OH, and it was RAINY OMG it was the most bumpy descent to the ground. So OH is really big compared to Raleigh. So I said ” please can we get to the next gate” we have only 45 min. He was like but I have to smoke, I was like well you get me to the gate and then you can go smoke. So he was like I’ll be right back, that was 40 minutes ago. So as I sat and watch the flight attendant open the gate, make the announcement I started to panic. So I called him and he was like I am running now. So let me tell you a funny little story to help you understand where I am coming from. So while we were in Raleigh, I asked my husband, what gate are we? He said Delta 1, I said No we aren’t flying Delta we are on Continental. He was like not the gate is Delta 1, I said don’t say that to people that will confuse them like it did me. So he was like yeah right woman! So back to the story, so as I talk to the flight attendant she was like I am going to scare him, I was like well can I get on he has my ticket, and she was like sure show me your ID. So I get on the plane and he is running and I call him, where are you? He was like it’s a long story. So 3 minutes goes by and  the flight attendant on the plane is PISSED, she was like ma’am, we have to leave so I called my mom, I was PISSED b/c my husband was going to either (1) miss the plane (2) make me miss getting to DC or (3) just be left in OH. So I call him and was really upset, like ok she is going to close the door, and so just as she said that he was like I am at the gate. So he was like I got a funny story. So he finally makes it and the people around me are dying laughing b/c I was like well, that’s what he gets for smoking! So now I can rest but believe me I was SERIOUSLY STRESSING OUT! We get to the airport and catch a taxi to the hotel! We stayed at the Phoenix Park, and later that night when all the Finalist got in we went to dinner! It was super nice I really enjoyed it, meeting the other spouses. They were ALL REALLY COOL!

Today was our tour of the Capitol. So we walked there, now I was prepared for HOT HUMID heat. Why did DC pull a woopdedoo on me, and all I had was a sundress for that day. So my husband went back to the room and got a jacket for me. SO it decided it wanted to rain, and the hotel provided us with a umbrella. So the night before the guys were decided what to wear, their military uniforms or casual. So they all decided to wear the military uniform. They all looked great. We were the best looking group ever. So we met Sen. Burr on the steps of the Capital and had our picture taken with him. Then we went on the tour of the capitol. So after that we left and went back to the hotel, we had to get ready b/c that night we had a dinner with the Sponsors of the Award. So before that we had a meeting with Sen. Hagan’s office! It was NICE, we got to ride on the Senate Subway, and we were sitting beside Sen(s) McCain and Graham! OMG, they were talking intently so we didn’t bother them. Then we went to Sen. Hagan’s office and down to the room where she was coming out at. She talked to us about 15 min about what needs to be done, what needs to be improved, things of that nature! It was really awesome, she really cares. Just amazing to me. So we finish with her and her Military Liaison walks with us to the Monocle Restaurant! WOW We got to meet staff from Military Spouse Magazine/Victory Media they were totally AWESOME so nice and so down to earth. I have never met a more bunch of nice people! Then we got to meet the Chairman of Armed Forces Insurance and his wife Candy. They were the sweetest couple. Candy cracks me up, she was very instrumental in the “Beef Brothers” Story. I LOVED that story! So we dinner and then left to go back to the hotel!

The day of the luncheon! OMG so excited, thrilled nervous. I didn’t sleep well, I had a nightmare my eyes were bloodshot, then I had another nightmare that I overslept and missed the event, so at 6am I just got up. I left the hotel at 10:45am to get to the Reserve Officers Association Building. I got there, and was escorted to the VIP room. I met Deanie Dempsey, Jeannie Chandler and Sheila Casey from my branch! I WAS SO BLOWN AWAY! They were waiting for me too. This very sweet lady, was like Are you the Army Branch winner? I have someone waiting to meet you! I was really excited! I was like wow someone is waiting for me! So I got to meet them and take pictures with them. Then Congressman Kissell came over and wanted to take a picture with me and shake my hands. So we did! Then we went had to go up and take photos for the magazine. Then the luncheon started, we ate got our awards, and they picked Bianca as the winner! At 2:30 we had to leave to get back to the hotel to get to the airport. I’ll blog about that airport trip home later!

Today is the Day MSOY Luncheon

This trip to DC has been amazing! I have met with Sen Hagan and Sen Burr. I sat on the same Senate Subway with Sen. John McCain! I saw so many Senators and Representatives. It has been awesome, we toured the Capitol Building! Wow so much history, I love history. We had a great dinner last night with Armed Forces Insurance, meeting with the Chairman and his lovely wife! Meeting with Military Spouse Magazine founder Babette and staff! Truly amazing, what a whirlwind week this has been! So excited to see what today brings for us Branch Winners of MSOYs! I have had the pleasure to meet, Laura, Robert, Megan, and Bianca and their spouses and spend time with them. Wow I am amazed at these spouses and what they have accomplished! So exciting and thrilling, as Mrs. Obama puts it this is “our ordinary life, that others find extraordinary”! So as I prepare for this morning’s activities with the magazine I am excited to be representing the US ARMY spouses! HOOAH!

Blue Star Families Event at Cross Creek Mall

Operation Appreciation Event in the Ft Bragg Area!

So OK it was a BEAUTIFUL day, the wind wasn’t that bad at my house. I had everything in the car ready to go and my girls dressed. So excited to get to hold this event at the mall, and meet Jordan from Cherry Point. She is my sister, (from another mother) she is exactly like me, I mean we even talk the same like sailors, hahah! I was so impressed she drove all the way here to help me out!  Jordan let me know I will come to Cherry Point to help you out!

Melissa P came and brought her daugther and helped me out. I was so excited that I had so much support, it just floored me, she even saved the day with a few things from her car to make the tablescape better. She is really helping the chapter get off the ground, she is such a good net-worker with people and getting things going, I get nervous when talking to people and asking for things, maybe I need to just get over that fear!

The day started at noon, and the Pledge was read and the Star Spangled Banner was sang, and then they announced me as the Blue Star Chapter Director and as Army Spouse of the Year 2011 by Military Spouse Magazine! So excited I got to walk in front, and people clapped! OMG WOW! They are clapping for me…ok so I am grinning really hard now, hard to contain my smile!

So we started, then my youngest daugther wanted to climb the rock wall, so she did and she LOVED it! So between her climbing everyone came and got a picture with ME, with me! I was like OMG you want to take a picture with me, so I had like four radio personalities take their photos with me, I even got a cute Rock 103 shirt, and great Q98 calendars to hand out! Man are you talking about me feeling like a super star! I had my picture taken with the Mayor of Fayetteville and wow I just felt so honored. People coming up to shake my hand and thank me for my hard work! Just amazing so I felt really honored people wanted to meet me, so it was easy for me to ask for their support in writing letters to family members. They asked how did I do it as a Army wife, and how did I get nominated for the Army Spouse of the Year and how is the process. I told them that Military Spouse Magazine is a great magazine for spouses who want to know or need to connect with other spouses. I tell you what staying busy and volunteering helps pass the time away.

I was even asked to be on a local radio show! So the event was wonderful! We got tons of letters for Operation Appreciation, and everyone who stopped by the table had a wonderful time.We were also mention on News Channel 14, I even got to mention my award as Army Spouse of 2011 by Military Spouse Magazine.

Then Pauline one of my volunteers drove from Raleigh to help out! I was so excited that she came to help out, it is amazing to see the support from people, I love it, and I love my volunteers!

See the wonderful team! Blue Star Families ROCK! I want to thank Cross Creek Mall for having the event, News Channel 14, Rock 103 and Q98 for talking about us on the TV and radio. I want to send a special thank you to Melissa, Jordan and Pauline and their kids for helping me out! With out you I couldn’t have done this!

I will post a few of the letters what we got later!