My family and I got to meet the First Lady, Michelle Obama

I couldn’t wait until the DNC to show this so I COULD SEE IT!!!!  The First Lady to me is just amazing. I was given the opportunity to spend an afternoon with her at a Backyard BBQ in NC. It was only a few military families in attendance. My entire family went. She talked to each one of use, played ball and drew with my kids. She asked me how did I handle being a military spouse? I really did get to speak to her candidly and I enjoyed every moment. I met the First Lady in April 2011 at Camp Lejeune, but I didn’t get to talk to her. I am glad I was afforded this opportunity to meet with her and I am glad she met my husband too. It wasn’t like in the past, where I was just a blur to her, we talked for about 10 minutes, she sat next to me on a bench, talked to me, my husband, and then she went and drew and talked to my kids. She talked to C about volleyball and making the team, she talked to Sam about being a good artist, and she told Bran he could visit her and her family any time at the White House.

Here is my proof LOL at minute 4:13 she’s with my youngest daughter, at 4:24 she is playing tether ball with my kids and  then at you see her talking with me and at minute 3:57. I was asking how could I have topped last summer this is it for me! When I met her I couldn’t bring my camera but I am so glad that someone caught this on camera! My youngest daughter had her bear with her and the FL said the bear was REALLY CUTE. When I get pictures I will post them!!!!

How sequestration affects you as a military family.

A little TRUTH FINDING because so many facts have been tossed at people and if you don’t know it isn’t true or a person who you think would be telling the truth (like a community leader, and it doesn’t have to be a political, it could be a person in the media business)….because in this political day and age it ISN’T the PRESIDENT who cuts budgets. The truth is budget cuts aren’t decided by the president, they’re decided by Congress. Unless lawmakers agree on a deficit reduction plan, across-the-board budget cuts will automatically go into effect starting Jan. 2. The cuts amount to about $1.2 trillion over 10 years and would hit defense and domestic spending equally.
The President will focus on military issues this week. He is going to Ft. Bliss TX on Fri Aug 31. I am going to tell you, the military is completely different from being a civilian if you are just coming into it without any prior knowledge it’s kinda scary. It is scary now to think about, and while I am not for budget cuts, I think we can dedicate some issues more wisely and allocate funds and move them around, or consolidate agencies, the idea of budget cuts in the military is scary and it affects my family and I.  Myself like several other military spouses fell that most civilians don’t really recognize we are still fighting a war somewhere because it’s not in their everyday lives.
This focus of his visit is the health of the force. He’s going to be meeting with several Gold Star families and he will also be meeting with some of the soldiers who work in behavioral health fields.