Vintage is my Style



I admit, that when I became a mom by the third time, I had lost my style. I loved wearing sweat pants, I stopped painting my own nails (I would go to the nail salon and get tips), I only wore make up on special occasions, and never wore high heels anymore. Even when I got my job at the DOD as a Family Readiness Support Assistant, I didn’t dress up like I did 8 years earlier. However when I moved to Washington DC, I started to get some of my style back but it wasn’t until I started working where I am now and these ladies dress fashionable… that I was like HEY wait a minute, I’m young in a great city, “Wake up” get your style back, stop being so bla…

You may have not known that I have a thing for shoes, purses and hats, before I got married I owned 200 pairs of shoes and about 50 purses. Well since they I have thrown away, donated or given away about 100 pairs of my shoes. I still have about 50 pairs now, I have narrowed down my closet. Anyway my style has gone Vintage. I didn’t even KNOW there were stores that had vintage styles, are you kidding me? I love vintage, which was original to my grandmother. When I was little I would dress up in her clothes, and I was like this is great, I remember doing this in High School, I loved her style. I really think that her generation had great respect about themselves and each other. I would listen to hours of how she met my grandfather, how she wanted to go to the USO with her friends but her mom was like no because there would be military men there, LOL. How she worked hard and all the adventures she had with her brother’s and sisters.

She told me that I reminder me of herself when she was young. I saw pictures of them in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s (right around WWII) and they had great style.  I loved the long, flaring A line skirts, the hats, the high heels. I really wish that more people dressed that way now. SO let me introduce you to one of many stores that are reasonably priced for Vintage! See her picture, that is my grandmother and her cousin (looking great in his sailor uniform). I love those cars, and it seemed to me that as we grow faster in technology the more we loose (that’s for another post.

So one of the places I SHOP is Shabby Apple! Looking for that perfect party dress that exhibits both vintage style and unique taste? Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses.  Click Here: vintage dresses to see their selection! They have retro style dresses from wedding to just plain around town dresses. They have all kinds of colors, fabrics, and lengths to choose from. And they have all sizes from plus to petite. They don’t just stop at dresses they have tops, and skirts as well as accessories. So they even have a Shop by Body Type, you answer questions and it tells you who your style icon is and some tips check out mine:

Style icon: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Style tips: Look for clothing that accentuates your legs and arms. Loose-fitting waists, empire waists, short sleeves and knee-length skirts are best for you.

GUESS WHAT you can get a head start on your Style too and you can participate in this giveaway: To participate in the giveaway, you must comply with the following eligibility requirements on the rafflecopter giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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