Balance bikes and a Special Discount for Military Families

photo (19)Are you familiar with balance bikes? If not these are training bikes that helps children learn balance and steering. The difference between balance bikes and traditional training bikes is that a balance bike does not have any training wheels or pedals. I was recently contacted to do a product review, and to my surprise it came in yesterday! OH boy first my son was SO EXCITED, second he was like you know I don’t like my shark bike because well my feet don’t touch the ground and it wobbles b/c of the training wheels. When I read about this, I was like this is perfect for my son. We bought him a really cool shark bike, and while he likes it he doesn’t ride it, he reverts back to the tricycle b/c of the balance, he doesn’t like the feeling of falling even though he doesn’t fall but when the training wheels are a little wobbly.

FirstBIKE which is the leader in the market.    Not only is firstBIKE the coolest balance bike on the market for kids ages 22 months and up but they also give an exclusive 25% discount to all military families as a thank you for serving our country. So the ease of putting it together consisted of adding the wheel, oh let me tell you before I opened the box, I was like OK I don’t feel like fiddling with a million pieces and screws, so imagine when I opened it, it was like two metal pieces and a wheel. IT took me a whole 5 minutes to get it together!

Let me tell you what my son went to bed and asked could he ride his bike first thing in the morning,

photo (17)

and what did he do this morning! Got up and started riding his bike inside the house! He loves it he gives it a MILLION STARS!!! OK so see for yourself from the pictures.

The balance bike is VERY popular overseas and becoming more popular in the US. There are MANY benefits to using a balance bike to introduce bike riding to children. For example:
  • balance bikes are known to help children feel more confident on a bike at a young age which in turn gets them on a regular bike quicker then if they use a trycicle
  • balance bikes teach kids balance
  • balance bikes encourage kids and families and kids to get outside and move around
photo (15)There are several balance bike brands on the market but firstBIKE sets itself apart in many ways. For example: 
It’s the ONLY bike frame made from high-tech, injection molded composite ( 30% glass fiber reinforced by nylon composite) which makes the bike flexible and allows it to absorb shock which is CRUCIAL for a child since this is the time a child’s spine is developing. The composite also allows this bike to be the ONLY weatherproof bike on the market
  • t’s the ONLY bike that has created a breaking system that is completely enclosed so fingers will never be in danger also the breaking system was developed so that a child can slow down gradually rather then just stop short
  • it’s the ONLY bike that can become winterized to use in the snow. Check out B’s first ride on his bike at you tube. Yes I would highly recommend this bike to parents for the fact that one it doesn’t have pedals and the kids can get used to learning how to balance first, then when the time is right upgraded to a (12)


Disclaimer: I received this bike to do a product review and whether I would recommend it to my readers and to share my honest opinion of this bike. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced.

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