Food Lion Frugal Cook Off 2013

photo(2) LAST NIGHT was AMAZING, first off I got a personalized apron with my name and Blog Name on it, second I got a Food Lion customized gift bag full of FOOD I use everyday and secondly I got two $100 Food Lion Gift Cards! I was so out of my league with all these cooking bloggers, HA they dedicate their entire site to food, while I only do a few posts every now and then, two OMG I really want to own my own resturant and make southern food especially BBQ, three WHY CAN’T THE FOOD TV SHOW CALL ME,  I COULD BE THE photo(7)NEXT DOWN HOME WITH THE CAVALIER’s TV SHOW! This was my first trip to Baltimore ever, it was so much traffic, and there was a Baltimore Baseball game, so one, I love that city and it is so close to the water, we even took a picture of a Coast Guard Ship in port, which was AWESOME! I really want to come back and visit this

Food Lion invited 12 bloggers in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to compete in the grocery chain’s second annual Frugal Cook-Off. Contestants had to create nutritious, low-cost meals for a family of four using Food Lion store brands, in addition to fresh produce and meats available at Food Lion stores.  It happened last night (Wednesday, July 10, at 6 p.m.) at the Talara restaurant in Baltimore, the event featured contestants divided into four teams, with each team given a unique cooking challenge to complete. We had 45 minutes to complete our meal. We had an  on-site pantry and photo(3)we couldn’t shop for more than $10 in pantry items (our meat cost us $5) store-brand products, along with fresh produce and meats. The food not used during the event went to the Maryland Food Bank.

My team mates were Carol from kookycarolskitchenconcoctions and Maggie from familyfrugalfun. I was so lucky to be with these ladies, I really should have been preping the night before maybe by reading a cookbook, b/c I was like looking at my own pantry saying, what in the WORLD am I going to make. I felt that feeling last night as I looked at this pantry, it was stuff in there, well that would be left over or there from not grocery shopping in a week. So now I am going to have to get frugal! Well now I am going to start just experimenting with different items and making things like I used too. I remember I love watching Sandra Lee, I should have been channeling her energy last night, Semi-Homemade I totally love her cooking!

It was exciting, I met so many other bloggers, John from 24 x 7 Grilling. And others

I felt like I was on a cooking show, we got to cook at the resturant, on the gas convphoto(4)ection oven using the resturant utensils, and we had to present our meals to a panel of 5 judges. So I WAS SO IMPRESSED THAT WE GOT OUR FOOD TASTED BY the executive chef Kenny at Talara. The judges were Talara executive chef Kenny Hamilton, online guest judge and sweepstakes winner Anna Fernando, Maryland Food Bank director Leslie Marsiglia, Baltimore Magazine food and travel editor Suzanne Loudermilk, and Baltimore-based freelance writer Stephanie Citron. The Meals were judged on taste and creativity.

The three winners received two $250 Food Lion gift cards, a trophy and a $25 Talara gift card. All other participants got two $100 Food Lion gift cards and a custom gift bag of my essentials store-brand products.

photo(13)About Food Lion Food Lion, based in Salisbury, N.C., is a company of Delhaize America, the U.S. division of Brussels-based Delhaize Group (NYSE: DEG) and operates more than 1,100 supermarkets. The company employs approximately 58,000 associates delivering quality products, low prices and service to customers in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. For more information, visit The chain employs about 57,000 associates in 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic

I can’t wait to do something like this again! OMG what an exciting adventure!

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