Adventures by Disney


I would like to introduce you to my travel agent, Anette Nichols with Travel Abroad Excursions. She has helped my family and I plan an “Adventure by Disney” vacation in 2014 she has been there every step of the way, and has opened my eyes to more than just the traditional theme park. Everyone travels at some point – for fun, work or simply to get from place to place. But some people fall in love with travel.

Whether they’re taking a trip, telling a story about their journey or advising a friend who’s planning a vacation, travel thrills them. They like to take charge of travel, and when there’s someplace to go, they lead the way. Since I am not MS MONEY BAGS, I am putting a little of mymoney into a vacation fund every time you I get paid. For a $2000 vacation, you only need to set aside just $77 dollars each paycheck (if you get paid twice a month). You can just plan a “staycation” in your city and she can help you find your vacation of your dreams and fit your budget!

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