Patriotic Drink (For Kids)

14553223836_ea3cad4ec9_k3 ounces cranberry juice or 3 ounces fruit punch
3 ounces Gatorade sports drink (blue)
3 ounces sugar free 7-Up or 3 ounces Sprite
ice cube, fill glass to the top with cubes


1. Place the ice cubes in the bottom 3rd of a tall 12 ounce clear glass. Pour the cranberry juice or fruit punch in to fill the bottom 3rd.
2. Place a few more cubes in to the middle and pour in the blue Gatorade to fill the glass 2/3 full.
3. Place the final 3rd of ice in the glass. Pour in the diet 7up or diet Sprite.
4. Serve and enjoy!

I reused glass bottles I had stashed around! IF you want to use a blue drink I suggest powerade blue the gatorade blue got washed out by the white…the blue was too light!

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