Did you read the article in the Washington Post?


Harvard Letter, so if you haven’t read the article I suggest you read it. At first I was kind of sadden but then I got angry. There are still some down falls to women working, even in this day and age! Why can’t women have it both ways a career and family. Why must we choose b

Between raising children and a career, I believe with help from family and your husband you can have it both. Moving around so much early in my married life, I wasn’t able to find suitable work, and by that I mean a office job working 8-4 or 9-5, I was often taking these work at home businesses such as Pampered Chef of Home Interiors. When we lived far away from my family, no one was there that I trusted to watch the kids, so I couldn’t work, and I did want someone to be there with the kids, even when they got home from school.

But times have changed, I think with the right mix you can have both a career and family, and not make a woman choose. I have also met some men, who think that women trying to achieve career goals is not good, and I tell you what I have personally gotten some flack for it, because of all the accomplishments I have made.

I still run into people today that believes a marriage and a family would stunt a career especially for a woman. You still have women out here today that don’t see themselves as a valuable resource and sell themselves short.

You know I still find it a challenge to work and raise my kids, but it is doable, but difficult. However a career is something I wanted since I was little and even now I am still making my dreams and goals come true, maybe it wasn’t on my 7 year plan like originally planned in college but what’s a few years… But hey I guess it is what it is, and until we as a “society” start treating women fair in pay, and careers we won’t be able to succeed successfully..

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