I am a McCormick Grill Ambassadors..I am getting my grilling on!!!

Ask yourself this: are you ready to spread the word about grilled flavor and the greatest grilling summer ever?
I WAS one of the lucky handful of Crowdtappers ready to be a Grill Ambassador, host a Grill Mates party and lead your local Grillerhood. So grab your tongs and get ready to take grilling to the next level.

 Here is my party kit!!! I AM TOTALLY EXCITED to be a GRILL AMBASSADOR!

Here is what the steaks look like!! YUMMY

 This is me in my GRILL APRON!

Here is what they look like on the GRILL..OMG CAN’T you just smell them cooking away..
Yes we cooked them on foil, we didn’t wanting our work of art sticking or whatever.. we wanted to savor every lip smacking moment!

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