Where is the SNOW!

So I am ready for the snow, I have my sled ready, I have my kids ready, I’m ready. We don’t have any snow :(. I know last year this time, we had some really big snow storms in NC, I remember that Santa Claus had fallen over in the snow, and we made some smart comments!

But I am so ready for snow! I have picked out this cute coat, I am telling you I believe I am going to have to make a trip to the mountains if my kids and I want to see the snow! Which I think I am going to do for my birthday! That sounds like a fun weekend in the moutains with the kids! We’ll see what packages I can find. OMG I can’t wait to go snow gear shopping for me!      I really do like the muff and cute boots! I am beyond ready for the snow and fun! Now I don’t know how to skii and I don’t know now to snowboard so I know I am gonna need lessons. I don’t want to be walking to work on crutches and broken foot. Any advice for first time snow boarders? This year is going to be a great year for traveling and sight seeing for the kids and I!

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