USAA why you need them!

We have really good insurance with USAA, car insurance and now Renter’s insurance. However we have 3 cars and our insurance is really affordable. They have USAA Roadside Assistance which I have used three times!

Before we had Horace Mann Insurance which I got from being under my grandparents as teachers, our monthly payment came down too, for three cars it is pretty awesome! We have access to our ID Cards online all the time, and also our policy information, it is like a file cabinet on their server. They have a good payment plan, and comes out when we scheduled it..

3 thoughts on “USAA why you need them!

  1. Is the roadside assistance similar to AAA? If so, we'll have to look into getting USAA when he brings his truck out to WA and getting rid of AAA because it's kind of expensive

  2. A Megan yes, they are similar to AAA, and I tell you they also have it to where if your car is in the shop you can get another car while it's being fixed.

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