The Down and Dirty on Military Pay

Ok so my husband’s LES is out already, and yes it’s true he only got paid 1/2 of this mid-month salary. Well it hasn’t hit me yet, I hope the bill collectors will understand and let us slide for 30 days.

So I have went to the DFAS website, and this is what they basically said. They hope a government shutdown can be averted, so that servicemembers and DoD employees can be paid in full and on time. If the funding bill is passes at the last minute, it is possible that payroll payments could be split into two electronic deposits or checks, but the total amount normally paid will not be affected.
If a funding bill is not passed, resulting in a government shutdown, the Department of Defense will have no legal authority to pay military members or civilian employees for the days during which the government is shut down. 
The current Continuing Resolution Act (CRA) expires at midnight on April 8. Active and Reserve military members will be paid on time for pay earned prior to the expiration of the CRA — approximately half of their normal mid-month payment. Civilians will be paid for each day worked through Friday, April 8. 
Because the normal pay period ends Saturday, April 9, this will usually equate to a full paycheck. The shutdown will not affect payments to retirees or annuitants because they are not paid from CRA appropriations.

2 thoughts on “The Down and Dirty on Military Pay

  1. Hey Conni I remember you too from there and Mamma Hen!!! Do you all still live out in the rural area and have the animals? I remembered you use to can and stuff, made me want to try it but i have never done that before, still scared to death I might make everyone sick…

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